What's my Investment in My Mobile App?

Before I give you the price, it's important that you know the value of lost Sales and Profits by not having a Mobile App for your Business so you are clear why it makes business sense for you.

You can determine this by answering the following questions and estimating how much money you are NOT making for each item:-

  • How many existing customers don't hear about your products and/or services such as special promotions/offers above all the other marketing noise?
  • How many customers aren't buying your products and/or services because they don't have access to them on their Smartphones?
  • How many customers do know why they really need your products and services (so they can buy them) ?

So not having a Mobile App when the majority of your Customers use their  Smartphones 24/7 could be costing you a lot of money each month.

And with the above Lost Sales and Profits in mind, our one-off fixed price of 5000 pounds plus a monthly fee (for hosting and additional content services) is a great value solution (especially since our Competition offer the same product at 10 times as much.)

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If you have any questions, please do contact us on by clicking Here to buy your Own Mobile App and take advantage of the apps features to grow your Business NOW.

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